Endpoint Protection Plus on Aether Platform

What's new in Endpoint Protection Plus

Release Notes



Aether Platform-based products: Release VI (10/22/2018)

Endpoint Protection Plus: 8.41.00

Agent and protection versions

  • Windows protection:
  • macOS protection:
  • Linux protection:
  • Android agent and protection: 3.2.4
  • Windows agent:
  • macOS agent:
  • Linux agent:

New features

  • Patch Management: New details screen for installed and uninstalled patches, accessible from the installation history and from the results of a patch installation task.
  • Patch Management: Ability to roll back (uninstall) patches for those programs that support this feature. This option is available on the details page of installed patches.
  • Patch Management: Non-security patches are not displayed as Critical and are not installed by default in patch installation tasks.
  • Patch Management: Added a new widget that provides quick access to End-of-Life (EOL) software: software currently in EOL, software that is currently in EOL or will be in EOL in a year, and software with a known EOL date.
  • Patch Management: Ability to restart servers without a logged-in user that require a restart to finish installing a patch.
  • Patch Management: Update of the 'Available patches' information after restarting a computer.
  • Greater details in executive reports. More information available in executive reports: top 10 computers with most detections, 10 latest malware, PUP and exploit detections, and greater details in different sections.
  • New category added to the Web access control feature: Cryptocurrency Mining. This protection blocks all URLs designed to attack workstations and servers in order to mine cryptocurrencies, using up CPU resources and seriously affecting computer performance.
  • The first Windows computer where the protection is installed is designated as discovery computer to automatically discover unprotected computers on the network.
  • Dozens of console improvements aimed at improving usability without affecting granularity or flexibility.
  • Agent and protection certification on Windows RS5 and Windows Server 2019.
  • Support for Mojave, the newest version of the macOS operating system.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in executive reports scheduled to be sent by email and created by partners by accessing clients' consoles via Single Sign-On.
  • Fixes for potential BSoDs caused by firewall drivers
  • Fixed bugs in protection updates



Aether Platform-based products: Release V (08/06/2018)

Endpoint Protection Plus: 8.40.00

Agent and protection versions

  • Windows protection:
  • macOS protection:
  • Linux protection:
  • Android agent and protection: 3.2.4
  • Windows agent:
  • macOS agent:
  • Linux agent:

New features

  • New Patch Management module: Patching of Windows operating systems and hundreds of third-party applications (Java, Adobe, Firefox, etc.)
  • New Patch Management module: Dashboards showing the patch status of the corporate network (outdated computers, missing patches, etc.)
  • New Patch Management module: Customizable lists and filters to find computers missing security patches, non-security patches and Service Packs
  • New Patch Management module: Ability to search for patches by computer, program, patch name or CVE
  • New Patch Management module: Ability to find programs in End-Of-Life (EOL) stage
  • New Patch Management module: History of all patching activity
  • New Patch Management module: Visibility into missing patches by computer and group
  • New Patch Management module: Configuration of patch searches (frequency, patch types to find, etc.)
  • New Patch Management module: Combined with Adaptive Defense, ability to isolate computers with critical vulnerabilities and patch them once isolated
  • New Patch Management module: Manual patching in real time
  • New Patch Management module: Ability to schedule patching tasks
  • New Patch Management module: Ability to configure computer restarts if required
  • New Patch Management module: Automatic management of patch interdependencies
  • New Patch Management module: Centralized storage of downloaded patches on cache computers
  • New Patch Management module: Roles with granular permissions to control access to the Patch Management features
  • Improvements to the local alerts displayed in multiuser environments
  • Advanced management settings for optimized performance on Gigabit Ethernet networks: ability to enable optimization settings on demand by contacting Support
  • Optimized performance with virtual adapters (Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix and VirtualBox): ability to enable optimization settings on demand by contacting Support
  • Improved integration with WDSC (Windows 10 RS2 or later)
  • Device Control won't install until the module is enabled through the settings
  • Usability improvements: filters and search options for tasks, more details on cache computers, etc.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug to allow settings to be inherited when moving a computer to its Active Directory group
  • Fixed bug to allow computers that connect to the Internet via a Panda proxy to access cache computers
  • Improved compatibility with third-party drivers (Fortinet, CheckPoint, SonicWall and VPNs)
  • Fix for potential BSoDs caused by a driver used to collect network data from the operating system
  • Fixed bugs in URL filtering and categorization
  • Fixed bugs in protection updates
  • Fixed bugs in Linux protection
  • Fixed bugs in macOS protection



Aether Platform-based products: Release IV (03/20/2018)

Endpoint Protection Plus: 8.30.00

Agent and protection versions

  • Windows protection:
  • macOS protection:
  • Linux protection:
  • Android agent and protection: 3.2.4
  • Windows agent:
  • macOS agent:
  • Linux agent:

New features

  • Email alerts for the detections made by the antivirus protection
  • Email alerts every time new unprotected computers are discovered
  • Ability to launch and schedule tasks for computer groups
  • Ability to uninstall the agent and the Windows protection from the Web console
  • More details about the most common protection installation errors
  • New features added to the protection for Linux and macOS systems (real-time communications, double-click installation, ability to launch scan tasks from the Web console, managed computer restarts, and settings management)
  • Access from the Recipients section to the list of all computers that a specific task or settings profile is applied to
  • Remote installation from any discovery computer, not only from the last computer that discovered an unmanaged device
  • New Anti-Tamper protection to prevent Panda Security's drivers and services from being stopped
  • Support for Windows 10 RS4
  • Support for Windows Server Core 2016
  • Aesthetic and usability improvements to the Web console

Bug fixes

  • Advanced management on Gigabit Ethernet networks (using NBLs) to optimize performance on these networks when Panda's firewall is on



Aether Platform-based products: Release III (11/15/2017)

Endpoint Protection Plus: 8.20.00

Agent and protection versions

  • Windows protection:
  • Linux protection:
  • Android agent and protection: 3.2.4
  • Windows agent:
  • Linux agent:

New features

  • New look and feel for the widgets displayed on the STATUS page. The new colors are associated with the risk and more data is displayed in less space
  • We have improved administrators' first experience using the product by guiding them through the process of installing the protection agent.
  • Button to access Panda Cloud, the page that allows customers to access the Panda Security products they have contracted
  • Automatic discovery of unprotected computers
  • Ability to remotely install from the Web console the agent and the protection on all unmanaged computers discovered
  • Merging of the custom and Active Directory trees, so that all actions that administrators can take on the custom tree (settings, etc.) can also be carried out in Active Directory
  • Ability to send unprotected computer email alerts to users based on the computers visible to them. These alerts can now be configured for each user of the Web console
  • Ability to disable real-time communication with computers (advanced option in the proxy settings) for those companies which don't want to have an open socket for each managed computer (this is required for real-time communication)
  • Time range picker to display CPU/memory usage in the last hour, last 3 hours, or last 24 hours
  • Ability to access the latest Release Notes from the product's Web console
  • Customers have the ability to give Panda Security's Support team access to their product console to speed up troubleshooting
  • New supported languages: Russian, Japanese and Finnish (in the latter case only the local console)



Aether Platform-based products: Release II (7/28/2017)

Endpoint Protection Plus: 8.10.00

Agent and protection versions

  • Windows protection:
  • Linux protection:
  • Android agent and protection: 3.2.3
  • Windows agent:
  • Linux agent:

New features

  • Integration of the full portfolio of Panda's security solutions into Aether: Panda Endpoint Protection, Panda Endpoint Protection Plus, Panda Adaptive Defense and Panda Adaptive Defense 360
  • Updated the PROTECTION STATUS widget to include protected computers
  • Detailed information about the licenses contracted by customers
  • Role-based computer visibility
  • Information about the patches installed on each computer
  • Ability to define the target (computers or groups) of settings when configuring them
  • Ability to define Repository/Cache computers to optimize bandwidth usage
  • Ability to notify a problem or incident to Panda directly from the Web management console
  • New widget on the STATUS page to show the activity of the exploits detected by the Anti-Exploit technology
  • New supported languages: Swedish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Hungarian
  • Online help in HTML format

Bug fixes

  • One-time bug installing the agent on certain Windows computers



Aether Platform-based products: Release I (05/16/2017)

Release of Panda Adaptive Defense 360 on Aether, Panda Security's new and innovative management platform

  • Aether is Panda's new platform that integrates all of the company's endpoint solutions. Aether Platform's vision is to provide full security management capabilities from the cloud. With Aether Platform, organizations can centrally manage all of Panda's products with a single agent from a single Web console

Aether Platform: Key benefits and features

  • Ability to deploy settings and tasks in real time to hundreds or thousands of computers
  • Flexible computer organization: filters, customizable tree and Active Directory integration
  • Information about each computer's hardware and software components
  • Ability to track users' activity on the Web management console
  • User permissions (roles) to deny users particular actions
  • Ability to set up tasks independent from the general settings with advanced options such as maximum run time and expiration times
  • And many other new features that make Aether Platform the best platform to centrally manage Panda's security products