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Deal Registration
Panda Security is committed to rewarding Business and Elite Partners for developing New Business and Cross Sell Opportunities. This program aims to deliver incremental margin rewards for partners that engage with customers early on the sales cycle, and in particular those partners who develop opportunities with net new logos, sell new products into existing accounts and displace competitive products. Panda Security offers total protection and exclusivity for 90 days on deal registration opportunities. This means that once a partner submits and opportunity for approval nobody else will be able to bid for the same opportunity for 90 days.*

Qualification Requirements

  • Must be a “net-new” logo opportunity, competitive displacement opportunity, selling a new product to an existing account. 
  • Must have a processed VAR Agreement, for Business or Elite level partnership. 
  • For 25-499 nodes there is 90 Day Protection, and for 500 or higher nodes there is 120 Day Protection. 
  • Deal Registration number must appear on all related invoices. 
  • Panda Security protects deal registration for 90 days by not allowing another to partner to bid to the same deal.   * On RFP or Public tenders other partner will get 10% margin only if you are the first one to register a new deal opportunity

How to register a deal:

  1. Qualify and register a corporate SKU with more than 25 endpoints by filling out the form below.
  2. Panda will require 24 hours to review if the deal meets criteria and submit approval.
  3. After the approval, you will have 90 days to close the deal with the support of the Panda Security North America sales and presales team. You can register free trials directly from the Panda Security Partner Center.  We encourage all partners to take advantage of the sales support to close deal registration opportunities through product demos, Go To Meeting Demos, or a conference call with a Sales Engineer.   
  4. This opportunity is exclusive for you to work on and 100% protected for 90 days.
The form has been succesfully sent. Thank you.